3 Tips To Help With Landing While Skydiving

Posted on: 13 September 2022


Anybody that goes skydiving needs to be prepared for the entire process from start to finish, even if you are doing a tandem jump with a more experienced jumper. Here are some tips that will help you out with landing after a jump. 

Watch Other People Land

It will help to simply observe how other people land at a dropzone. You can see how people are flaring their canopy, controlling their body, and making initial contact with the ground. Everyone has a different style, and there is not a single way to do it. This will help you be more prepared for when it comes time to do it yourself.

Know The Different Type Of Landings

There are essentially three types of landings that people do when they reach the dropzone. A standing landing is the safest type of landing you can do, and it involves landing upright on both feet as you gently touch the ground. There is also a sliding landing, which looks similar to if you were stealing a base in baseball and sliding feet first into it. This can be helpful to do if you are coming in too fast and need to slow down. There is also a parachute landing fall, also known as a PLF. This is the type of landing that you want to avoid, and it involves tucking your body in so that you can land safely and not be injured.

Visualize Your Landing

Now that you know what to expect when landing, you want to visualize the landing before it actually happens. The best way to do this is by using stairs since the height of a flight of stairs can give a good visual representation of how high you are off the ground. 

The top of the flight of stairs is about how high off the ground you start your flair which slows you down. When you reach about halfway down the staircase is about the point where you are going to experience some lift that will bring you upward. You should then start fully flaring at this point to really slow you down so that you can land gently on your feet.

These are just a few tips that will help you with landing during a skydive. For more tips, reach out to a skydiving instructor for more information on how to land the right way. There are so many great skills you can learn by taking a skydiving course. 

For more information on skydiving, contact a professional near you.