• 3 Tips To Help With Landing While Skydiving

    Anybody that goes skydiving needs to be prepared for the entire process from start to finish, even if you are doing a tandem jump with a more experienced jumper. Here are some tips that will help you out with landing after a jump.  Watch Other People Land It will help to simply observe how other people land at a dropzone. You can see how people are flaring their canopy, controlling their body, and making initial contact with the ground.
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  • The Lingo Of Whitewater Rafting

    Have your first whitewater rafting trip planned for the near future? If so, it will help to know some of the language that is used when navigating your raft down the river to help avoid any potential confusion. Eddy See something downstream that is sticking out of the water? This is known as an eddy rather than just an obstacle. An eddy is not just an obstacle that you can run into but typically creates calm water on the opposite side of it.
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