Get The Most From Your ATV Tour With These Tips

Posted on: 28 October 2018


From sea to shining sea, America has a lot to see and appreciate, but there are some things that are best appreciated from an ATV. In fact, there are some pretty spectacular locations that can only be accessed by all-terrain vehicles. Therefore, ATV tours can really give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you are into getting off the well-beaten trail and seeing the more private sights. Here are a few things to do before a planned ATV tour to get the best out of your experience:

Wear the right clothing for the tour. 

Your tour may take you through desert sand dunes and red rock canyons, or it may lead you through shady terrains up in the mountains where temperatures drop to a chill. Before you get ready to head out for your ATV adventure, make sure you know what the climate will be and dress accordingly. It may be a good idea to dress in layers for some tours so you can add on or take off layers as they are needed. You will be much more comfortable and much more able to enjoy the scenery if you're not overly dressed and too hot, or not wearing heavy enough clothing and get cold. 

Check out a map of the area before you go. 

Whether you will be driving an ATV of your own on the trip or you will be riding in a multi-seat ATV with others, taking a look at the map can be really helpful. Knowing the general layout of the trail will help you know what to expect during your adventure. As a driver this will, of course, be important so you can anticipate what kind of terrain you will run into; however, if you will be taking the tour as a passenger, it will still allow you to anticipate the length of the trip and what you will experience. 

See what extras may be offered. 

ATV tours are pretty awesome all by themselves, but there are some tours that pair other activities that will make your adventure even more impressive. For example, some ATV tours will also offer optional add-on activities like:

  • Rock wall climbing
  • Ziplining 
  • Kayaking 

Before picking a certain tour and paying for your tickets, take a look at the add-on options that may be available for the tour. You could pick and choose a few extras and end up with a really cool experience with multiple activities to enjoy.